Vitamins for ADHD-Improved Behavior
Through Balanced Brain Chemistry

Vitamins for adhd

Vitamins for ADHD are essential. This is due to the fact that behavior problems have been linked to a large extent to nutritional deficiencies. A normal healthy brain requires a balance of nutrients to develop properly.

A nutritional deficiency in women during pregnancy or any deficiency postnatal can cause brain tissues to be affected.

These deficiencies can result in underdevelopment of some of brain areas including that of psychomotor abilities related areas and frontal lobes.

In the treatment of ADHD, ADHD vitamins play an important role. Attention deficit disorder is a health condition that requires much care and attention to diet and nutrition.

A healthy growing mind and body will often make medication unnecessary. This is due to the fact that many behavior problems are due to poor nutrition or inadequate sleep.

Vitamins for ADHD should include vitamin A and E which are particularly good for eyesight improvement and helps the child to focus. Cod liver oil or fish oil capsules are often prescribed to children along with medication.

Fish oil and cod liver oil capsules are particularly rich in Vitamin A and E.

Vitamin B complex is found very effective in majority of cases. It helps the nerves to be strong and take impulses properly.

The Vitamin B complex is a combination of multiple vitamins that include:

• B1 (Thiamin)
• B2 (Riboflavin)
• B3 (Niacin)
• B5 (Pantothenic acid)
• B6 (Pyridoxine)
• B12
• Folic acid
• Biotin
Be sure the ADHD vitamins your child is taking includes all of these.

Choosing the Best Vitamins for Your Family

You can give your child these vitamins in the form of a Vitamin B complex. However, we have found enteric coated multi-vitamins for ADHD to be far more helpful.

An enteric coating accomplishes two things because it keeps the vitamins intact until they have entered the intestines. First of all, this helps deliver more of the nutrients into the bloodstream. Secondly, since the vitamins are not released in the stomach, your children will never get an upset stomach from them.

One of the most effective natural treatments our family has experienced for mood and ADHD symptoms is multi-vitamins that contain a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs.

We use Total Balance Vitamins from Xtend-Life to improve attitudes and help with concentration. The result has been much more cooperation from the children, as well as greatly reduced mood swings from both kids and parents.

Guidelines for Taking Vitamins

When choosing vitamins to help adhd, there are few points that need to be kept in mind.

1. Never use any medicine or vitamin without getting it confirmed by doctor.

2. Ingestion of Vitamin C and Dexedrine (prescribed in treatment of ADHD) simultaneously, e.g., taking medication with orange juice, may significantly reduce Dexedrine absorption.

3. Feingold diet is a diet that is some times advised for children with ADHD. This diet plan limits the intake of some fruits and vegetables and that may prevent an adequate vitamin C intake.

Treating ADHD must address the needs of the whole person. Vitamins for ADHD is a small, but essential part that meeting those needs. For some children the connection between ADHD and vitamins is huge and major improvement will be noticed.

For others, only a small improvement will be seen. However, the balanced nutrient intake that ADHD vitamins can provide will help all children, especially if they have a poor diet, which is true for most children dealing with this disorder.

Here are other areas that should be focused on for an ADHD child. Diet is a major factor. Giving a child balanced nutrition is as important as using appropriate ADHD medicines, natural supplements and using effective psychotherapy for children.

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