Treating ADHD - Learning Skills and Cognitive Techniques

ADHD treatments You Can Begin Today

Treating ADHD effectively requires more than just medication. Here are some easily overlooked things you can do.

A recent discovery by a Cleveland based cardiologist has shed new light on the dangers poised by a number of drugs, such as Ritalin, to patients who are experiencing heart problems. The drugs' side effects had the potential of inducing hearing failure in a number of patients.

If the discoveries of the Cleveland Ohio cardiologist are correct, then people taking Ritalin and other drugs might be causing themselves more damage than good to their health. These risks involved with Ritalin still need to be proven, as they are beneficial in that they increase cognitive ability in many people.

While a child suffering from ADD should not immediately give up taking the medication that has been prescribed for the disorder, parents should know that there are some side effects and risks involved with taking the medication. If you are considering stopping the prescribed medication, then you need to discuss this with the doctor.

Learning Disabilities And ADHD

Research is still being carried out to determine what needs to be done for ADD in children. For example, up until now, there have been no opportunities to detect the disease from an early stage and develop a treatment. But whatever medication your child is taking, disrupting it abruptly just because some recent study alarmed you is not at all advisable.

Helping the children cope with their hyperactivity and their lack of ability to focus is a priority. Therefore, it is imperative that medication is adhered to until other alternatives are discussed with your physician.

How to Improve Learning Skills

You can also make use of some cognitive techniques to make sure your child is kept alert and attentive. Consider the following ten strategies.

1.         Decrease sugar intake from fruit juice, raw sugar, bread and pasta. All of these contain sugar or are metabolized into sugar in the body.

2.         Consider creating a schedule for watching TV and playing video games. These activities have been shown to increase the symptoms of ADHD and should be kept to a minimum. ADHD children need to have active recreation.

3.         Organization is a key element in life, therefore, teach your child how to be consistent in what he or she does.

4.         Regarding reading abilities, allow the children to read aloud and be able to understand themselves. This will help with their comprehension. If they are unable to focus on reading, help them with a tape and allow them to move across the room and listen to it. Listening skills are complementary to reading skills. Therefore you will be building two skills at once.

5.         Breathing techniques are also important. If the child breaths slowly and gently, then this will help him or her calm down. This has been shown to greatly help reduce hyperactive behavior.

6.         Many children respond well to physical contact. Give your child many hugs throughout the day. This helps improve their self esteem and creates a sense of acceptance and love in the home.

7.         Where the child is studying, both at home and at school, you might want to reduce distraction points by reducing the visual elements in the room. Fewer toys and images mean more concentration and work done.

8.         Provide opportunities for exercise. The need to run and play exists in all children. However, this is especially true to ADHD kids. Also make sure your child enjoys recess at school because that is the time when he or she can release his hyperactive energy.

9.         Check out a special game online called The mental activity generated by this game has helped children reduce their medication substantially. This is a valuable tool for ensuring your child is mentally active

10.       Eating food which contains Omega 3 nutrients is equally important. Such foods include wild salmon, sardines, flaxseed, flaxseed oil and tuna. These fish supplements are especially important for one's health and can help increase the beneficial effects of Ritalin.

The strategies outlined above enable children to keep their minds active and functioning at an optimal level. This improves the functioning of the brain's neurotransmitters, reducing hyperactivity.

Many parents have also found herbal and vitamin formulas designed to improve focus and reduce hyperactivity to be helpful. Our family uses products from Native Remedies to help with these issues. Their website has a wealth of information related to the natural treatment for ADHD.