Activities for Children with ADHD

ADHD activities should be planned with careful thought. These activities for children with ADHD can make all the difference in the world. This page discusses the best activities for ADHD. In this article I've summarized good and bad activities for ADHD children.

Activities for ADHD Children That Should Be Encouraged:


Scouting is perhaps one of the best activities available for boys and girls with ADHD.

Scouting includes many of the elements that can help your child to focus, providing physical stimulation, highly structured activities that make use of various learning styles, consistent peer interaction, close adult supervision, competition, and, most of all, fun.

The structure and adult supervision are key for helping ADHD children take responsibility and control of their lives.

Team sports

Baseball, basketball, football and soccer can all be a good choice for your child, as they require team involvement and high physical energy.

Team sports give him the opportunity to develop social skills. However, as with any ADHD activities, make sure the sport is of interest to him. Many children will walk off the field if they lose interest.

Lego, blocks, jigsaws, wood crafts and mosaics

Children with ADHD often love to solve puzzles. Building models or making things out of wood or metal will help your child learn how to turn his ideas into concrete reality.

Buy him small projects of Lego, mosaics, wood crafts etc. These ADHD activities help him follow each project through to completion. ADHD children often leave thing half done, and completing a project develops good habits and provides a great sense of accomplishment.


Swimming is a great activity for burning energy. The competition of a swim team may be just what your child needs.

Different water sports and competitions can provide opportunity to excel, increasing his self confidence. Swimming requires physical effort and concentration, plus its fun.

Art class, dance or music classes

Art and dance/music are two great ways to help your child express himself. Many ADHD patients are good at arts while being extremely weak in studies.

Activities that should be avoided by ADHD Children:

Excessive television

Here are 3 reasons to greatly reduce TV watching time for ADHD Children.

1. Current medical studies show that viewing a lot of violence and advertisements on television can hurt a child with ADHD. Brain scans actually show that the brain is less active while watching television than it is while sleeping.

2. Children are ill-equipped to choose which messages to pay attention to and which to filter out. Whether it be commercial messages or moral messages, television watching can create problems as the child becomes older.

3. Watching TV often has no benefit. Typically, nothing is learned, nor are skills developed by sitting in front of the TV for hours on end.

Video Games

Research shows that these games reduce baseline brain activity in children with ADHD. This causes them to continue to seek the reward of doing well in the game to compensate for the diminished dopamine levels in their brains that provides a sense of well-being.

This explains why some children with ADHD become addicted to video games and have trouble turning them off. When considering activities for ADHD children, it is best to point them toward games that help them interact with friends and families members rather than video games.

Games with long waiting periods

Avoid ADHD activities that involve long periods of inactivity, or a long sequence of steps to complete. Children with ADHD just don't have the patience necessary to succeed at these games.

Common examples include standing in long lines at amusement parks, complex card and board games, or physically demanding games where your child is on one of many teams who must wait long periods of time before starting to play.

Activities For Children With ADHD that involve waiting in line or sitting patiently for long stretches will require special attention. Have snacks and small items that he can fidget with (a ball or toy) available, and be prepared to play a talking game or tell a story.

Supplements for ADHD Symptoms

ADHD activities that are well planned out will provide improved behavior and concentration when made a regular part of an ADHD child's routine. Keep this in mind when considering the best activities for ADHD children.

If you are dealing with an ADHD adult or child in your home, you may want to consider some of the natural vitamin and mineral treatments that are available to you. One product that has helped reduce symptoms for many individuals is focus formula, an herbal formulation designed to reduce hyperactivity while improving concentration.

I encourage you to visit the Native Remedies website to learn more about what this product can do to improve behavior and academic performance for your child.

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