Effective Attention Deficit Disorder Remedies

Natural attention deficit disorder remedies avoid the side effects of medication and can be extremely effective. These can be supplements for ADHD, lifestyle changes and even improved parenting skills.

Attention deficit disorder has become a familiar term to most people. Commercials selling medications for ADHD are on every channel and in most magazines. There are so many attention deficit disorder remedies available that it can be difficult to know which one is the best for you or your child.

Yes, many studies are showing ADHD in adult parents of children with the disorder is common. Whether you are an adult looking for medications for ADHD or a parent searching for alternatives for your child the options are similar.


First, let's look at some common symptoms of ADHD.

1) Lack of focus
2) Easily confused
3) Lots of pent up energy
4) Distracted by sights and sounds more easily than others
5) Irritable

Traditional Attention Deficit Disorder Remedies

Most physicians will prescribe various drugs that have been shown to be helpful for this disorder. The problem with these ADHD medications is that they are powerful stimulants that can have some serious side effects.

Side effects like disrupted sleep patterns and lack of appetite that leads to poor nutrition. These may not seem like serious issues unless you realize any one of the three can lead to ADHD like symptoms. Therefore, the treatment can actually complicate the disorder.

In addition to side affects stimulant drugs are often schedule II controlled substances. What that means is the federal government has determined the following:

1. The drug has high potential for abuse
2. It is currently accepted in medical use with severe restrictions
3. Abuse of this drug can lead to severe psychological or physical dependence

Not exactly a model situation in a medication for ADHD, which is targeted for people who among other things have poor impulse control. There are other ways to combat the disorder.

Here are some more natural and safer attention deficit disorder remedies.


If you are not sure, you are ready for traditional medication for ADHD you might want to consider a change in diet to begin with. Some of the foods you eat could be contributing to the problem.

Carbohydrates are one thing in the body, sugar and when sugar is metabolized, it causes an increase in energy. This can lead to restlessness and an inability to sit still, which would in turn cause trouble concentrating.

New studies are indicating that people who suffer from ADHD in adults are lacking in sufficient neurotransmitters. Eating a diet high in protein will help create these in the brain, however it must be said that diet alone will not supply the needed protein and minerals. Supplements will be necessary, because in order to obtain it in your diet the calorie count would be above 2400 per day.

Attention Deficit Disorder Remedies to Consider

There are many effective supplements for adhd that are available for you to take instead of medications for ADHD. Protein and mineral supplements are a good place to start.

Consider a multi-vitamin. Most children receive extremely poor nutrition from the foods they consume and this is even more true for ADHD children. A vitamin supplement for ADHD children should be broad based so that it contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs in order to be most effective.

One supplement that we all should be taking and is especially effective for brain development is Fish Oil for ADHD. Fish oil is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids that are used throughout the body. Flax seed oil is another great source of essential fatty acids.

One natural remedy that everyone should try can probably be found in your home and is very inexpensive. It may sound surprising, but raisins and peanut butter on whole wheat bread has been very helpful for our family.

The fat content of the peanut butter helps the sugars in the raisins to get into the blood stream. This type of sugar seems to balance out low blood sugar problems.

We have found this simple natural ADHD remedy improves out of control behavior, makes children more agreeable, more alert and even reduces violent tendencies. Give it a try next time your child seems to lack focus or self control.

Many families have found that herbal/vitamin/mineral treatments are effective for both children and adults. I encourage you to visit the Native Remedies website to learn about products that quickly reduce symptoms of ADD/ADHD without the side effects that are typically experienced with ADD medication.

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